If you create something, create it with passion! - this maxim perfectly reflects how we do things. It may sound dull, cliche - but we like it, what's most important, our clients like it too. We believe, that to be successful, it necessary to be fully involved and consistently follow destination set at the beginning. Of course in the march to the top, some problems, which requires some modifications of initial plan, may appear. However, you should never take your eyes off the main destination. Whatever the problems and difficulties met on our life and professional path are just perfect experience, that you need to make conclusions of.

We believe that in modern world there are no limitations, only our imagination may hold us back. For us, there are no impossibilities, if someone tries to tell us, that something is impossible, for us it means, that said limitations are not ours, but limitations of this person. Always, even in the most challenging situations we are looking for positive aspects and we try to find most optimal solution.

Having those ideas in minds each day we come to our office and start the work with the same enthusiasm that we had the day we created that company. We are pleased of our work so far, but at the same time we know that there is still a lot before us. We cannot wait for upcoming interesting and exacting projects and challenges.

We are looking forward to be working with you.

KB Systems Team


Android (Smartphone & Tablet)

Android is the most popular Operating System for mobile devices, drives more than 69% of them. For last couple of years we have developed many applications for Android system and actually did it successfully. Contact us if you need support in Android OS area!

iOS (iPhone & iPad)

In 2007 first iPhone has been released and it momentarily changed smartphone's market and the way people communicate with each other. If you are using Apple's devices and need an application for iOS, get in touch with us!

Web development

Our programmers are experts in web based solutions, like: HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, PHP (Zend/CakePHP and other) and Node.JS. For years we developed many websites with popular CMS, which includes: WordPress, Joomla, Typo3, Drupal, Magento, XT-Commerce, Oxid or JTL. Need some support? We are waiting for you!

Outsourcing IT

If you need experienced programmers for constant cooperation, you are in the right place. Our clients like this way of working with us. We have great offer for you! Want to know more about it? Contact with us!

Portfolio - picked examples

  • (Polski) Made By Mama
  • (Polski) Emi & Nell
  • (Polski) Meble Wrzosowa
  • (Polski) Ceny Leków
  • (Polski) Adam & Ewa
  • (Polski) ARG Performance
  • (Polski) Interioteka
  • (Polski) Polskie Hotele Spa
  • (Polski) Scan-City
  • (Polski) Sklep Tuningowy
  • (Polski) Best-Holidays
  • (Polski) Stokrotka

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German speaking clients

e-mail: german@kbsystems.pl
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